Upcoming Advanced Study Institute

eHERITAGE consortium is proud to announce the upcoming “Advanced Study Institute” (ASI), an event which will take place next month in Padova, Italy. Here is the event agenda.

If you want to take part in this event, please register here. At the moment, we have enough empty spots, but it may be possible that we will have activate a selection procedure in the event that all places fill in.

Having the topic “Virtual Reality technology and applications in Culture and Arts”, ASI includes a series of 6 workshops in the area of cultural heritage. The event is kindly hosted by the University of Padova in the Aula Magna “A. Lepschy” of the Department of Information Engineering. The courses are brought by lecturers of international standing. Each workshop includes a theoretical part and a hands-on practical session designed as a tutorial, so make sure you bring your laptops. For the workshop on virtual sounds, also bring headphones/earphones as audio files will be played from the minijack of the sound card.

For the Wednesday tutorial, you also need to install XVR (https://sourceforge.net/projects/xvrstudio/) and Meshlab (http://www.meshlab.net/).

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Best wishes,


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