On the footsteps of Ovid, 2000 years after his death

Between 23-24 of July, 2017, our team has engaged in a series of user studies in Sulmona, the birth place of Ovid, and Rome, the place where Ovid has spent most of his life. We have built a series of AR scenarios which present various aspects from the life of Ovid roman poet. The AR technology is supported by Google Tango. The 3D models are designed by the staff of University Transilvania of Brasov in collaboration with Cerva Lab from University of Constanta, Romania and Perco Lab from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy. Our plan is to process the results from these experiments and from the work carried out in Constanta, Romania (former know as Tomis, the Greek colony where Ovid was exiled by the Roman emperor Augustus), and present the conclusions of our study in a peer reviewed journal.