Statue in Constanta by Ion Jalea

Statue in Constanta
by Cristian Cezar
on Sketchfab

Ion Jalea is one of the most famous Romanian sculptors. During World War One, Ion Jalea was part of the Romanian Army and fought in a series of battles. He was severely wounded and lost his left arm that had to be amputated next to the shoulder. After recuperating, despite being an amputee, he continued to dedicate his life to sculpture, as he did before. He became a well-known sculptor by working with his right arm only, and his greatest achievements were after he lost his arm. This picture is made from 756 images blended in by RealityCapture.

You can download the .obj file here. The 3D model is free to use for non-commercial applications, but we’ll need you to provide credits to our project. For commercial use, please contact us.