The Templar Church from Bran

Bran small church
by Cristian Cezar
on Sketchfab

This small church is located in the vicinity of Bran Castle. The model was exported directly from RC, and is based on 745 images. This church is a replica of the Stella Maris chapel from Balchik, and is called the Templar Church from Bran, Brasov County. It was built by Princess Ileana in memory of her mother, Queen Maria. Queen Maria’s wish was to bury her heart in the chapel of the Stella Maris Church, but because the Balchik and Cadrilater were lost in 1940 by Romania in favor of Bulgaria, Princess Ileana raised this beautiful Church.  However, the heart of Queen Maria was eventually deposited at the foot of Mount Magura, due to the delay of the works, and later transferred to the history museum in Bucharest.

You can download the .obj file here. The 3D model is free to use for non-commercial applications, but we’ll need you to provide credits to our project. For commercial use, please contact us.