Vulcan fortified church

The village Vulcan is to be found on the foothill of Bucegi Mountains, only miles away from the Omu peak (more than 2.500m), which is well visible in clear weather. The fortified Romanesque church dates back to the 13th century, since only foundations and entrances were preserved. Destroyed by the Turkish invasions in the beginning of the XV century, the church was rebuilt in Gothic style and fortified in 1521. After the destruction of the settlement in 1611 by the armies of Gabriel Bathory, Vulcan was rebuilt from the ground. The restoration of the church began in 1665. The bell tower was finished in 1794 and in 1808 the old town hall.

The model was processed by Agisoft Photoscan from 4000+ photos on low-quality setting. You can download the .obj file here. The 3D model is free to be used for non-commercial applications, but we will have to give you credit for our project.For a better quality model or for commercial use, please contact us.