A short resume of Brokerage Event held at Lucca Beni Culturali 2017 (LuBeC’17)

A cornerstone foreseen in the evolution of our project was the brokerage event. As this was an event dedicated to important stakeholders, we have prepared for it for months in advance. Our purpose was to showcase different use cases of VR technologies for reconstructing, preserving, archiving and managing museum exhibits. We wanted to present our competences to experts, curators and researchers, hoping that this would raise the profile of the coordinating organization UTBv.

The technologies displayed at LuBeC 2017 by eHERITAGE team show that we have greatly improved our expertise in the following fields:

  • Haptic Virtual Reality solutions for exhibitions
  • Augmented Reality Solutions for museums and art galleries
  • Digitization services for intangible cultural heritage
  • Pixel-perfect holographic displays for marketing endeavors
  • Interactive Virtual Reality setups using the latest 3D technologies for learning, gamification and skill transfer

Not only have we interacted with various interesting people, we also had the chance to talk about the upcoming conference which will the hosted by the eHERITAGE consortium in the end of May/beginning of June, 2018, in Brasov, Romania. Titled the “1st International Conference on VR Technologies in Cultural Heritage“, it is our belief that this future event will bring together entities from a large social array, who wish to present and discuss the latest advances in this field of research.

Until then, here’s a gallery with some of the greatest pics we’ve taken during LuBeC:

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