3rd Exploratory Meeting completed successfully

As conceptualized in the DoA and showed in the previous deliverables, eHERITAGE’s Exploratory Meetings are thought as a key instrument of the project. Exploratory meetings have multiple rolls. They:

  • enhance the transfer of knowledge
  • allow us to review past activities and to assemble research teams
  • allow us to discuss deliverables, evaluate risks and implement measures to counter them

The third exploratory meeting analyzed the most important activities which need to be taken in order to entirely fulfil the project KPIs, sets the preliminary talk regarding the organization of the conference VRTCH’18 and proposed the work plan for the third year of the project. This is the last meeting of the project, excepting the meeting which will be held at the end of the project. The 3rd and last exploratory meeting has a special role in the evolution of our project, because it allowed us to take a step back and look at what we have accomplished so far, draw conclusions and implement the last round of measures in order to maximize the results of the activities which are to follow.

The meeting which took place at JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia, on the 23rd of January, 2018, touched all the points listed above, thus achieving its scope. Based on the Meeting Agenda, participants were able to identify viable means of knowledge transfer and joint research opportunities, not to mention the large array of opportunities concerning short-term staff exchanges. The participants also had time to discuss the administrative details related to the venue and the schedule of the upcoming VRTCH’18 (http://www.eheritage.org/eheritage-2018-conference/ ).

Here are some pictures from the meeting: