Upcoming event – 2nd Italian Public History Conference in Pisa

Prof. Marcello Carrozzino will represent the eHeritage consortium and hold a workshop titled Virtual Humans. How to make immersive virtual environments alive for history and cultural heritage, in the upcoming Second Italian Public History Conference, on the 11th of June, 2018.

Put History to Work is the motto chosen by the members of the Italian Association of Public History for this public event, which is not only a conference, but also a networking opportunity. Public History promotes history as an essential resource for society. Critical history knowledge and historical research methods are all needed professional skills that are also necessary for the resolution of problems in our present. Applied public history fields are numerous because of the need for history in contemporary societies: different communities in urban spaces and their memories, historians and archaeologists, public administrators, curators of museums and exhibitions, public historians in archives and libraries, history consultants, public and private companies dealing with the past, content industry producers, fans of reenactments (revival, modeling), and so on.

During its Second Conference in June, the Italian Association of Public History will promote discussions and reflections between those who work with and on the past and reflect on ways in which history is present in society, from the university to the public squares, in high and popular cultures, in everyday life.

4 members from the UTBv team will join the professor: Voinea Daniel, Postelnicu Crisitan, Butila Eugen and Boboc Razvan. We are looking forward for a fruitful and engaging experience.