Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana – a 3D VR book

The UTBv and SSSA teams collaborated to capitalize a vestige in the warehouse of the History Museum in Brasov. This is the Constitutio Criminalis Theresiana (also known as Nemesis Theresiana or only Theresiana), a criminal code drafted in Austria during the reign of Maria Theresa, Archduke of Austria, Queen of Bohemia, Queen of Hungary. The book ensures the uniform application of Criminal Law in Austria and Bohemia.

This criminal code was drafted in Vienna in 1768 and entered into force on December 31 of the same year, despite being rejected by both the State Council and the State Chancellery because of its veto. Although challenged, the Constitution Criminalis Theresian remained in force for almost 20 years, until 1787 when, under Joseph II of the Holy Roman Empire, came into force the Iosefin Code, which completely banned torture.

In addition to Maria Theresa’s intention to unify criminal law throughout Austria, the Constitution Criminalis Theresiana also aimed to reduce the torture that was currently applied at the time, and to strictly regulate the methods of torture.

A copy of this book is in the store of the History Museum in Brasov, not accessible to the general public. Members of eHERITAGE thought of making a change in this regard. Hence the next stand, ready to be accommodated within the cultural institution mentioned above.