The general objective of eHERITAGE project is to increase the capacity, quality and extent of the research staff of Transilvania University of Brasov, by establishing strong and sustainable research cooperation schemes with 2 other centers of excellence in Europe, based on close scientific and social interaction.

In order to achieve this strategic objective, three major operational goals are set:

  • INCREASED SCOPE AND COMPETITIVE RESEARCH: The goal set for the end of the project is for the coordinating institution, UTBv, to expand and specialize in a new research field. From the current state of experience in wider virtual reality applications, by the end of eHERITAGE, UTBv will have trained staff at the level of the most competitive centers of excellence in Europe in the field of cultural heritage preservation.
  • TRAINING and MOBILITY of researchers: The aim is to enhance the research capacity through training of personnel. 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 3 PhD students and 3 researchers will be partially funded from the financial support offered by this project.
  • CONTINOUS R&I EXTENDING: The goal is to create a sustainable strategic partnership with prestigious RTD and centers of excellence as well as other interested entities from EU and other regions. After completing this project, the coordinator will be able to promote strong proposals under HORIZON 2020 and increase the participation of VRRD/ATR department to the European Research Area. From the stage of isolated research projects in virtual cultural heritage, by the end of this project, UTBv will reach the stage of having strong European and inter-regional partnerships in the targeted field, with continuity in peer-reviewed publishing, carrying out projects and even leading national and international initiatives/proposals.